What is the AutoVisor?

The AutoVisor represents a major development in rider safety and convenience. Integrating a micro-controller, accelerometer, gyroscope, motors, and power system, this modern helmet is designed to enhance the riding experience whilst prioritizing the rider’s protection. The visor is geared up with clever technology that dynamically responds to acceleration and gyroscopic situations. With its functions, this helmet aims to revolutionize the way riders interact with their gear.

Innovation Claim

To revolutionize conventional motorcycle helmets, adapting them to the modern age through sensors and actuators located on the helmet. Specifically, through gyroscopic data and accessory mounting.

“…Transform a standard, manual motorcycle helmet into a smart and safe piece of riding gear.” – Max Edward

AutoVisor Functions

AutoRaise & AutoLower

One standout function of this system is its AutoRaise and AutoLower capability. By harnessing sensors, it removes the need for riders to manually operate the visor by hand, thereby enhancing their comfort and focus. With a continued integration of sensor and actuator components, the visor adjusts its position based on riding conditions. This operation allows riders to keep a grip on the handlebars.


Safety is paramount, in particular for the duration of unexpected emergencies. The AutoVisor addresses this occurrence via its Visor Emergency AutoClose function. By employing state-of-the-art sensors which include an accelerometer and gyroscope, the helmet can sense high deceleration, sudden acceleration from a standstill, or off-axis tilting indicative of an impact or twist. The Visor Emergency AutoClose feature provides an important safety degree to the helmet.

Project Video

View the full product demonstration video below!

Design Components

Arduino Pro Micro

Power Distribution:
MH-CD42 Li-Ion Charger

Primary Sensor:
MPU6050 Accel/Gyro/Mag

Power Source:
18650 Li-Ion Cells

Motor Driver:
A4988 Stepper Driver

Nema 17 Stepper Motors

Product Development