About Max Edward

Hello! My name is Max Edward

I was born in Glendale, Arizona, and have lived in Phoenix, Arizona my entire life. I am the only child of my parents, John and Jennifer Edward.

I am currently majoring in Digital Making & Fabrication alongside Robotics & Embedded Systems at the University of Advancing Technology with a projected graduation date of August 2023.

The core of my interests include 3D printing and modeling. I am also a photographer, avid motorcycle rider, and love to go hiking and camping.

Education – UAT

I’ve been attending the University of Advancing Technology since spring of 2021. I am currently majoring in Digital Making & Fabrication while also working towards a degree in Robotics & Embedded Systems. I am currently on track to graduate in fall of 2023.


University of Advancing Technology – 2625 W. Baseline Tempe, AZ 85283

Digital Making & Fabrication

I chose the Digital Maker & Fabrication (DMF) degree because of all the things it’s comprised of. Not only is 3D printing and modeling such a big part of it, it also includes CNC machining, injection molding, vacuum forming, welding and so on. All of these different aspects of DMF make the world around us and make the things we use every day! I hope that with being at UAT, I can learn more and gain real-world experience in the manufacturing scene. As I spend more time learning, I hope to become a better engineer and take my skills to the stars!

Robotics & Embedded Systems

I didn’t initially plan on getting the Robotics & Embedded Systems (RES) degree when I started at UAT. However, hearing the potential to get both degrees within the same time period made me interested in pursuing it. The choice to do this was one of the best I made at UAT. The RES degree program offers so much in terms of electronics, mechatronics, programming, data analysis and much more. I believe the RES degree bonds well with the DMF degree and gives insight into how not only is manufacturing important, but also the components and programming that make a prototype into a final product.

Why I Chose Additive Manufacturing

I found additive manufacturing while I was a junior in high school. I had purchased a cheap 3D printer on a whim, remembering hearing about 3D printing many years prior. After getting the machine and realizing all the possible things I could create with it, I began my journey in additive manufacturing.

Skills & Experience

Over the years, I have gained countless skills and real-world experience.

3D printing and modeling including modeling-on-demand, print-for-hire, and 3D printing hardware and software training.

I have extensive knowledge in a multitude of software – including but not limited to: SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, Siemens NX, OnShape, TinkerCAD, FreeCAD, Meshmixer, UltiMaker Cura, Simplify3D, Prusa Slicer, and much more!


My extensive resume showcases why I am the perfect fit for the engineering industry. It houses my core qualifications, which demonstrate my skills, expertise, and dedication to this field. Moreover, my educational background, including my GPA and the essential courses I’ve completed, highlights my commitment to academic excellence. Within my resume, you’ll also find a comprehensive overview of my work history at both the prestigious University of Advancing Technology and Collins Aerospace, where I’ve honed my abilities and contributed to significant projects. At the bottom of the document, you’ll discover a curated selection of my best projects, each reflecting my passion for innovation and problem-solving. The additional recognition I’ve received serves as a testament to my hard work and the value I bring to any engineering team. Together, these components paint a comprehensive picture of my abilities, experiences, and achievements, making me an ideal candidate for the engineering industry.