I maintain a dynamic lifestyle as a dual major in Digital Maker & Fabrication and Robotics & Embedded Systems. My life is a continuous stream of intriguing endeavors, whether they’re for school, work, or my personal growth, ensuring that dull moments are a rarity. As I juggle my academic pursuits and hands-on experiences, I plan on building a solid foundation for a future where innovation and creativity will undoubtedly play a central role. View my completed projects below!

1974 Honda CB200 Rebuild

Storm Trooper Container

Custom Homemade Desk

Face Hugger Covid Mask

Larson Scanner

iPod Battery Replacement

CNC Profile Carving

Leather Seat Restoration

Motorcycle Cover Replacement

Remote Controlled Car

Vacuum Connector Recreation

CNC 3D Piano Carving

Wind-up Car Body

Laptop Hard-drive Keeper

3D Printed Throttle Lock

Engine Compression Testing

3D Printed Small-scale Anatomy

Motorcycle Brake Linkage Modification

Engine Camchain Replacement

3D Printed SAE Wire Harness Cover

1982 Honda GL500 Restoration

Foot Peg End Cap

Motorcycle Air Filter Upgrade

Motorcycle Exhaust Upgrade